Estonian Open  26.11.2020 – 29.11.2020

Our partner did an overview of what to expect from Estonian Open.

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ORGANIZER:         Estonian Table Tennis Association

                               Tiskrevälja 11, Tallinn


                               Tel: +37253077911 (Madis Koit)

                               Competition manager        Madis Koit

                               Referee                                 Rauno Põru


VENUE:                 TalTech Sports Hall, Männiliiva 7, Tallinn


EVENTS:                Team Events

                               Cadets (boys and girls)

                               Juniors (boys and girls)


                                Singles Events

                               Cadets (boys and girls)

                               Juniors (boys and girls)



                               The competition is officially recognized by the ITTF and ETTU and has ranking status.

Team Events

Team events will be played according to the best of 3 matches (knock-out) system.Thea team will consist of 2 or 3 players. The order of play will be first match A-X, second match B-Y, (and if necessary) doubles.

Singles events

The Cadets and juniors singles events will be played in groups of 3-4 players. Players that finish first or second in their group will qualify for the final event, the knock-out rounds.

The Seniors class will be played using the progressive knock-out system to determine the final position of each player. This guarantees approximately six singles matches for each player. Matches will be played best of 5 games. Maximum number of players is 96 in Men`s Singles and 64 in Women`s Singles. The organizers may limit the number of entries from association if necessary.

Preliminary time Schedule:

Thursday:              Team Events

Friday:                   Juniors and cadets single events                     09.00 – 15.00

                                Men/Women single events                              starting at 15.00

Saturday                Juniors and cadets single events                     09.00 – 13.00

                                Men/Women single events                              starting at 13.00

Sunday                   Men/Women single events                              starting at 09.00

                                Closing ceremony approximately                    16.00


Time schedule allows to participate in all classes.


DEADLINES:          Final entries: November 12th, 2019

                               Travel details: November 20th, 2019

Entry form: EstonianOpenEntryForm2019

PRIZES:                  Prize money

                               Cadet Singles                        winner 300€        runner up 150€   semi-finalist 100€

                               Junior Singles                       winner 700€        runner up 350€   semi-finalist 150€

                               Men/Women Singles          winner 1000€      runner up 500€   semi-finalist 250€

                               Additionally, the best players and teams will receive medals and awards.



EQUIPMENT:        20 San-Ei Tibhar SP Allstar tables (blue)

                               8 practice tables (blue)

                               White balls DHS D40+ 3***


HOSPITALITY:      Hotel Susi

  1. 135 € per person per day in a single room (5 places)
  2. 100 € per person per day in a double room (120 places)
  3. 95 € per person per day in a triple room (30 places)

Transportation, catering, accommodation and entry fees are included is these rates.

Hospitality packages includes participation in one team class and in one singles class. Additional singles class costs 15 €.

Organizers can limit participation in several classes if there are too many players.


Tournament fee without the hospitality package is 150 € for player and 50 € per coach.

Entry cancellation: Cancellation of participation is possible until 20/11/19. For cancellations after 21/11/2019 the registered association will be charged 100 EUR per cancelled person.


PAYMENT:            Account name: Eesti Lauatenniseliit

                                IBAN: EE431010002047681001